HA or NVMe Storage/Package - which one to choose?

When you create a VM inside SeFlow Cloud you can choose between packages or Custom Resources.

Packages are predefined resources and you can only upgrade by switching to the next package. With Custom Resources you will be allowed to customize any resource (CPU, RAM, Disk, Network and much more) and you can resize every single resource anytime. Both solutions have 2 instances for different user type.


(package creations)




(Custom Resources)





On both solutions you need to keep your eye on the last word that will identify the Nodes:

HA - Full High Availability environment. Your data are stored in multiple copies around the nodes connected to 40Gbps Storage Network. If a node goes down your VM will be booted on a new node in few seconds. Designed for a very wide range of uses and applications that need maximum uptime. We will store 4 copies of your data in the cloud for maximum resiliency.

NVMe - Based on NVMe disks you will get ultra-fast IOPS designed for databases and big data applications. Data are stored locally on RAID 10 configuration.


Typical scenario

We have a very populated website and want to host it in Milan Region (Italy). 


  • Create 1 VM on HA and install our Webserver or CP (Plesk, Cpanel, DirectAdmin...). Assign one Public and One Private IP.
  • Create 1 VM on NVMe and install your Database. Assign one Public and One Private IP.

Now you get the fastest environment possible!

This is only an example, you can build your private network as you want.


Tip: All IPs are DDoS Protected for free



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