Customize Low Balance Alerting

SeFlow Cloud bill you on a pay-as-you-go basis. You need to have always enough balance to cover the daily receipt. 


By default, when your balance is under 4 € you will start receiving alerting Email every 8 hours on your primary email profile. 


On Product Details, you can customize threshold credit, email.


Low Balance


This box will show you:


  • Available Credit: Is your actual balance
  • Threshold: Under this limit, Cloud SeFlow will start to send you an alert email. We accept only positive an integer value.
  • Email: Where you will receive alerts. By default, it uses your primary email contact. 
  • Send Daily Alerts: if unchecked it will stop sending you email and you will never be notified about the load threshold


All alerts are sent from "SeFlow Cloud Monitor <>" with email address . If you not receive them, please check your antispam and whitelist that email address


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