SSL Order Statuses

SSL Orders progress through a number of states from order to completion.

The below list provides an explanation of what each of the various states mean.

The most common ones are shown are the top.


Order waiting for approval

The order is waiting for the domain/whois approver to review and approve the order. The approver should have received an email with a link to the approval page.


Waiting for security review

The system is performing security review checks. Please check again later.


Failed Security Review

One or more security review checks failed. Please contact GeoTrust customer support. Please follow this how-to


Waiting for Phone Auth

The order is awaiting phone authentication.


Waiting for file authentication

Polling for file-based authentication. Check and ensure the necessary file is present and accessible.



Order was fulfilled successfully and the fulfillment email was sent out.



Either an approver/vetter "disapproved" this order or the order has been cancelled.




Some of the lesser common order statuses include:


Failed Phone Auth

Maximum number of phone authentication attempts have been exceeded. Please contact GeoTrust customer support.


Waiting for customer approval

Occurs when the admin or corporate contact is authenticated against prevetted data. The admin or corporate contact will receive a customer approval email and must approve for the order to proceed.


Waiting for change of Whois approval address

Occurs when the applicant chose the "Other Approver Email" option for the whois approver address. Please contact GeoTrust customer support to change the approver address and continue with the order.


Waiting for sending of Whois approval email

The system is attempting to send the approval email. Please check again later.


Failed sending Whois approval email

Something went wrong when the system tried to send the domain approval email. Please contact GeoTrust customer support.


Waiting for manual vetting

Orders requiring business vetting by the customer support team end up in this state when the order is ready to be vetted. Orders can be in this state for as long as several days for EV certificates.


Waiting for vetting review

After the initial manual vetting is completed, the order is placed into this state for a second support person to review and approve it.

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