How to Order your New SSL Certificate

The following article describes the SSL order flow for both new and existing customers and the different options available to them.

1 . New Customers

New customers that do not have an existing account with you can purchase SSL by following the steps below. "Navigate to Store > SSL Certificates"

Select the desired certificate type either from the feature matrix tables shown on an individual SSL type page or the All SSL Certificates listing on the main overview page.



Select the "A domain I already own" tab and enter the desired domain name to purchase the SSL certificate for.


Click Checkout to add the certificate to the basket and complete the checkout process.


2 . Existing Customers

Existing customers can follow the exact same path as shown above, but on the Store page, if not already logged into their account, they will be given the opportunity to login via the "Choose Existing Domain" tab to add it to an existing domain in their account.


Upon logging in they get an additional option of adding SSL to a subdomain of an existing domain they have also. Their options are:

  • Add SSL to an existing domain in their account
  • Add SSL to a subdomain of an existing domain in their account
  • Purchase SSL for a different domain not already in their account


The customer simply needs to choose the appropriate option, select or enter their desired domain, and then hit Checkout to add the certificate to their cart and continue to the checkout process.


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