Adding a User in the VPN Control Panel

Once a VPN product is activated a user must be created in the VPS Control Panel to complete the configuration of the service.

Refer to the previous guide for instructions accessing the VPS Control Panel.

Hover your mouse over the VPN product in the Security Summary section

 The yellow Configure text appears, as shown below:

Add User 1


Click the Configure option

The Add User page is displayed.

Enter a Username and Password using the fields shown below:

Add User2


Click the + icon on the right-hand side

The new user will be shown in the Summary of changes requested section:

Add User 3


Repeat this process to add as many users as desired.

Click Submit.

The user has been added and ready to use. The user will show in the panel like below:

Add User 4


In the next guide, you will be shown how to download the VPN client onto your device ready to log in with the user you have just created.

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