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Welcome to Cloud!

   i'm Berlonghi Matteo, head manager CloudFlow and CloudONE projects, thank you for choosing our product and welcome to SeFlow family!

Before using your product I want to explain, in few lines, our philosophy. We want create a community where every member gives his contribution. To start we create bug fix and features requests section avaiable here ( where you can notify us bugs or propose new features. The latter aspect is very important for us because we have ideas, we can insert new features, but you will use the service.  Don't be afraid, give us new ideas!!

Want to talk directly with our developers or other customers like yourself? We look forward to our IRC Chat. If you know IRC

channel: #seflow

Web Access (

Well we're now ready to create our first Virtual Machine:

Easy! Watch our videos (

Tips: If you are in the testing phase, when not in use, turn off the VM and pay only the space consumed!

Your opinion is very important, if you have problems or want to leave me a feedback please contact me directly

Head Cloud Management
Berlonghi Matteo
Note: contact assigned to special requests or problems with the infrastructure
Phone: +39.0256566235 ext.801
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When you open a trouble ticket, our staff will request you vm url to identify your VM. VM URL is...