LXC vs KVM vs Dedicated Server

If few years ago someone told me that you can get better performance with a virtualized guest at fraction of cost, then a Dedicated server with SSD disk, i would have made a good laugh ... but times are changing.

Nowadays, with NVMe price reduction and MyCore LXC/KVM Servers we can say the MyCore are faster then dedicated servers. Every configuration is sight different then others and i would suggest read the major differences between LXC and KVM 

Below you can find benchmark of typical dedicated server and MyCore

Dedicated Server Configuration:

Intel i7 7700
2x120 GB SSD Raid1  Soft
1Gbps uplink

MyCore LXC Server:

4 CPU Core
24.5GB RAM
210 NVMe HDD
1Gbps uplink

MyCore KVM Server;

4 CPU Core
24.5GB RAM
210 MVMe HDD (I/O Limited to 550MB/s)
1Gbps uplink

Dedicated Server:

Dedicated Server Benchmark

LXC MyCore Server:

LXC MyCore Benchmark

KVM MyCore Server:

KVM MyCore Benchmark


The "winner" is LXC but with some costs. LXC, as container not add any overhead, so you have same CPU,RAM then normal dedicated servers. On LXC we can use the full power of NVMe platform and can see our i/o intensive application flying (do you really need that i/o speed?). Typical price of that configuration is € 51.99/monthly, very very cheap solution.

KVM had less result on CPU due to full virtualization and is in the middle for I/O because we assign dedicated i/o resources. On 4 CPU plan we assign 550MB/s that is still lot fastest then any normal SSD dedicated server.

We need remember that LXC does not offer full virtualization, so the kernel is shared and you can't customize it or load additional modules. KVM come with full virtualization and we think this is best solution for any needs except WebHosting or web applications.

No matter if you choose MyCore LXC or KVM servers, you will still have better performance then normal i7 7th intel generation SSD dedicated server.


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