Create Subaccount in DomFlow Dashboard

In DomFlow dashboard you can create subaccount for your departments and give it specific roles. If you had a domain office, you can create specific account with only domain management privileges, IT Department will had access only to clouds, billing department to invoices etc.

To create subaccount press Contacts/SubAccount 




Now select in dropdown box "Add new Contact"


Add Contact


Complete All Fields with new data.

If yout want grant access to the daskboard please tick "Tick to configure as a sub-account with client are access"


Grant Access


You need to assign login password (as username please user email) and roles. When finished, press "Save Changes" on botton to create user.



  • Modify Master Account Profile - Allow subaccount to change Administrator details (name, surname, email, address, etc)
  • View Products & Services - Allow subaccount to see all brought services (CloudONE, CloudFlow, licenses etc)
  • View Domains - Allow subaccount to see all registered domains (usefull for Domain department)
  • View & Manage Affiliate Account - Allow subaccount to manage affiliate program
  • View & Manage Contacts - Allow subaccount to modify/create/cancel other subaccounts
  • View & Manage Product Passowrd - Currently Unused
  • Manage Domain Settings - Allow subaccount to manage Domains (usefull for Domain department)
  • View & Open Support Tickets - Allow subaccount to open a ticket to domflow staff
  • View Email - All email sent by our staff era recorded in Email area. With this option you allow subaccount to read it (Warning: blank password can be viewed if you enable that roles)
  • Place New Orders/Upgrades/Cancellation -  Allow subaccount to order new services, upgrade them and request cancellation


Email preference allow subaccount to receive email filtered by type

  • General Emails - Subaccount will receive all marketing email, news and reminders reminders
  • Product Emails - Subaccount will receive welcome message, activation, cancellations confirmations and any information related to products
  • Domain Emails - Subaccount will receive renewal notice, registration confirmations etc.
  • Invoice Emails - Subaccount will receive Invoices, Billing Remainders etc.
  • Support Emails - Subaccount will be allowed to open trouble tickets to our staff
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